Types of decorative fruit

The only difference is that decorative fruit stays beautiful and good for much longer. Of course, decorative fruit is also for decoration and not for consumption

Decorative fruit branches

Decorative fruit on branches gives a wonderful autumn weather at once. This is due to the orange colors of the decorative fruit. The fruits look like small lanterns, and also do kind of the same. They give a light, warm glow to every room in which they are. In addition to the fact that the branches are already very beautiful, they can also be combined beautifully with green, red and white tones, also with branches. The combinations provide a lively whole.

sierfruit decoratie
sierfruit decoratie

Loose decorative fruit

Los ornamental fruit looks to eat. This is unfortunately not possible but they are a real addition as a decoration. Decorative fruit gives spear through the combination of colors and shapes. The decorative fruit looks nice in a basket, in a bowl, or on the floor. In addition, Los Sierruit itself is beautiful but also fun to combine or spread over the garden with other species.

Frequently asked questions about decorative fruit

How long will decorative fruit stay beautiful?

Ornamental fruits stay good for a few months. They must then wear and be kept outside the cold store. After a while they will dry slowly and lose their color, but first you can enjoy a few baskets of this beautiful decorative fruit.

How to take care of ornamental fruit?

If decorative fruit is well aged, they can be stored for months. At Greenflor we ensure that all the decorative fruit that is exported is of quality. The fruits can be kept for the longest time in dried state. It is especially important that the fruits are handled carefully during transport. A clay damage can already cause the fruit to rot. The shelf life if the fruits are in the end of September/ beginning of October at a temperature of 10 degrees Celsius.