1. Dried Lonas geel
  2. Preserved Scabiosa rood
  3. Preserved Ruscus oranje
  4. Dried Helichrysum
  5. Dried Triticum
  6. Dried Achillea parker
  7. Dried Lavendel
  8. Dried Carthamus wit
  9. Dried Rhodanthe roze
  10. Dried Depressa (papyrus)
  11. Preserved Stuartiana rood
  12. Dried Phalaris bruin
  13. Dried Carthamus oranje
  1. Panicum
  2. Dille Zaaddoos
  3. Miscanthus
  4. Eryngium
  5. Cortederia
  6. Kaardebol / Dipsacus
  7. Amflodosia
  8. Arundo
  9. Cortederia
  10. Pampas fluffi
  11. Chaemerops

Own production

The making of…
Dried flowers

The seeds that grow into our flowers, herbs and grains are planted into the soil every year around March. Only when the eye of the master has approved the products, they are all harvested and cut by hand. This happens between June and August. The unique drying process then starts, optimally retaining the quality and colour. The dried flowers of “Dutch Masters in Dried Flowers” are super strong because they have been dried professionally.

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  1. Hydrangea
  2. Palm sper
  3. Silvergrass
  4. Bougainvilea
  5. Bougainvilea
  6. Palm sper
  7. Hydrangea
  8. Silvergrass
  9. Silvergrass
  10. Bougainvilea
  11. Hydrangea
  12. Bougainvilea
  13. Silvergrass
  14. Silvergrass
  15. Palm sper
  16. Hydrangea
  17. Bougainvilea
  18. Silvergrass
  19. Hydreangea
  20. Boucainville
  21. Palm sun

The autumn in your boutiques

A selection from our
fall collection

Dried Amaranthus

The dried Amaranthus brings a piece of the tropics into your home. This alluring, herbaceous plant originates from the tropical regions of South America. The Amaranthus stands for immortality, since the flower never withers. The perfect candidate for drying, because the beautiful colour remains intact. The dried Amaranthus feels at home in bouquets or dry pieces.

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Dried Lavender

Dried Lavender is an absolute classic in the world of dried flowers. After drying, lavender keeps its firm shape, clear blue colour and – not unimportantly – its irresistible odour. Dried lavender will continue to smell nice for months to come, so it works wonders in the wardrobe, bathroom or on a nice dresser. Bring the summer into your home!

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Dried weath

Who says that wheat could only be used for food? It is also delightful to look at! A bunch of dried wheat easily fills a beautiful vase, but you can of course also simply place it separately on a wooden board. Dried wheat is very strong, so it remains endlessly beautiful. With a bunch of dried wheat, you immediately achieve a rural look at home.

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Dried Phalaris

The dried Phalaris, also known as canary grass, is a true favourite. The green plumes take on a soft, natural colour after drying. In a stone vase mixed with fresh flowers in a bridal bouquet or mixed with other dried flowers; everyone can use a touch of Phalaris.

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