We pay our dahlia grower a visit. Due to all the cancelled flower parades, the grower comes up with other creative ways to use the dahlia. Curious? Watch the video and get inspired.

Imposing dahlia

The dahlia is a beautiful flower and comes in different types and colors. The dahlia is named after the Swedish botanist A. Dahl. The dahlia is from Mexico. There, the flower blooms to a height of 3 to 6 meters. The dahlia is used during the flower parade in Zundert. There they have trucks driving with on average 400.000 dahlias on them. A beautiful procession to watch!

Corso Zundert 

Have you ever seen a nine meters high wagon, completely covered with beautiful flowers, including dahlias? The Zundert parade, called Corso Zundert, takes place every September in North Brabant, the Netherlands. The Corso Zundert is the largest dahlia flower parade in the world. Beautiful wagons are made, covered only with dahlias. It’s a competition every year: who has the most beautiful wagon? The agons are judged by a competent jury.

The half a million dahlias are ‘sticked’ on the wagons just a few days before the parade. Because of corona the flower parade has been cancelled, but luckily the nurseries have found another destination for the dahlias. They will be used for drying. For more than 80 years it’s been possible to enjoy the beautiful wagons. Hopefully, they can be enjoyed once again this year, live and with the audience and party to match!

Home – Greenflor

The growth process

The Dutch climate can be described as cold and wet. In order for dahlias to grow here, the tubers must be excavated and stored in a cool, dark place. This must be done before winter arrives with frost. After the first frost, in early October, the tubers will be dug up. Then they are cleaned and dried. From mid-May, the tubers may be planted again. At least after the frost has gone away!

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