The buyers of Greenflor travel around the globe, looking for the most beautiful flowers. One of them is Julien de Mooij, who has been working at Greenflor for four years.


Julien talks about his trips to the southern parts of Europe: “I usually visit growers all over Italy. I also often go to Tunisia and sometimes I take a quick detour France or Spain in between. Although it is a lot of driving, I love working abroad. The way of doing things is different than. And of course, it certainly helps that the weather is generally a lot better than in the Netherlands.”

Dried flowers and more

Recently, dried flowers have become very popular. A large part comes from the Mediterranean. “We also see here that dried flowers are very popular. But other beautiful products also come from this area. In a country like Italy, the climate is perfect for growing different types of summer flowers. For example, we get fresh lavender, achillea and artichokes from the Mediterranean. In addition, cut green as eucalyptus comes from San Remo.”

A good bond

When asked how the collaboration between Greenflor and the growers is like, Julien enthusiastically replies: “The cooperation with the growers is pleasant. We keep in close contact with each other and are in touch almost daily. Especially with the growers who grow their products just for us.”

Greenflor has a lot of them. For example, they grow flowers that are scarce in the Netherlands. “We try to arrange as much as possible for our growers, from transport to tools needed to collect the flowers and plants from the land. Some companies have the need for more instructions, while other companies have been growing flowers for generations, so you don’t have to explain them much.”