Who is not seduced by the sultry soft-sweet smell of the mimosa? These trees are ten to fifteen years old and are pruned every year. Grower Lorenzi from Ventimiglia is an expert in all kinds of Mimosa varieties, he brings us up to date about this special tree!

Fluffy and wavy flowers

“Because of the exceptional microclimate, the mimosa grows from the Cote d’Azur to Liguria. Our mimosa trees grow on the flanks of the hills of Liguria,” Lorenzi tells us in his orchard. Bundles of bright yellow, fluffy, and delicious-smelling flowers flutter in the wind as he walks in front of us and into the orchard. “This fast-growing tree is originally from Australia and has blue-green to grey bark on the trunk. The leaf is double feathered and looks a bit like ferns. In winter and early spring, the bundles of small, yellow, and fluffy flowers appear.



The Latin name for mimosa is Acacia, but in the Netherlands we also call mimosa herb-stir-me-not. Again, there are many different species, such as the most famous Mirandol, Gaulois and Clair de Lune, Floribunda. They all have fine yellow flower plumes.

Lorenzi supplies several mimosa species to Greenflor:

– Baleana: this mimosa variety is widely sold in the period leading up to Christmas. This is especially appreciated as green cutoff. The blue-grey glow makes this product unique!

– Mirandol; this is the more well-known mimosa, characterized by its blissful smell and excellent shelf life. These are available from 15 December to 8 March.

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