On the rolling hills of the northern Italian countryside, beautiful peach blossoms can be found.  The scent of the blossoms mixes with the surrounding cypresses, and the warm embrace of the sun announce the onset of spring. Meet our skilled peach blossom grower Antonio!

Italian fruit orchards

Between Tuscany and Piedmont there are an endless amount of fruit orchards. If you ride through these hills in the spring, you’ll find yourself in the middle of a grand and colorful sea of blossoms. From cherry blossom, to peach blossoms, apple blossoms and more. The soft, pastel-colored flowers form a beautiful portrait against the dark brown branches. The magnificently fragrant blossom branches can be seen from spring until the first fruits appear, around mid-Mai. Thereafter the tree puts all its energy in giving juicy cherries, peaches, apples, or other fruits.

The hart of the Riviera of flowers

Our grower Antonio has an orchard of more than fifteen hectares where peach trees grow. His roots are in the town of Imperia, a colorful coastal town in the Riviera of flowers, where he runs the beautifully located orchard together with twenty other people.

Growing peach blossoms

“Peach blossom is explicitly grown for the blossom. Due to a selection of different peach varieties, the most beautiful flowering ones have been set up for the blossoms. To ensure that the tree grows every year and gives delicious cherries, the grower must prune it annually in a certain shape. The first year the tree grows in length but does not bear any fruit.” says Antonio amid the pale pink blossoms.

The tree will give fruit on wood and branches two years of age, so when you’re pruning you have to cut off the annual fruit so that you keep the other branches for the fruit. When it’s time to do this, I go to the orchard to prune.’

Pure nature

The peach blossom is not only very beautiful, but they are also totally natural! Because only the wood and branches are pruned, they are kept free from pesticides.

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