Join us on our voyage to warm Italy, where buyers from Greenflor will take you on an expedition and show you how the magnificent ranunculus is grown.

Safe in the greenhouse

Sometime between August and September, our Italian growers plant the ranunculus bulbs in the ground. After three months, the first ranunculi are ready to be cut. The ranunculus season starts in mid-November and ends at the end of April. The main production is from 15th February to 31st March. Originally, ranunculi were only grown outdoors in open ground, but due to the many risks that this entails, they are nowadays grown safely inside a greenhouse.

Endless varieties of ranunculi

Within our Italian range you will find dozens of varieties of ranunculi in an even larger color selection. Within the range of ranunculi, a distinction is made between the following types:

  • The ‘Pon Pon’ varieties have sturdy, slightly curled petals.
  • The ‘Elegance’ series is known for its great bloom and multiple flower buds.
  • The ‘Butterfly’ is characterized by its cluster-bloom, where many single blooming buds together provide a playing look. The ranunculus ‘Butterfly’ has smaller flowers and less petals than the beforementioned varieties.
  • The ranunculus ‘Clooney’ is perhaps the most famous and is also called the ‘king’ of the ranunculi. This one is characterized by its brilliant full flowering, and excellent shelf life. The ‘Cloonies’ are available in dozens of colors, ranging from soft pink to burgundy and bright orange. So there is something for everyone!
  • Other species within the range of ranunculi include the challenging ‘Charm’ and seductive ‘Romance’.

How to care for ranunculi

Shorten the stem of the ranunculus and put the flower in a clean vase with clean water correct nourishment. Make sure that there is not too much water in the vase, because the hairy stems of the ranunculi can’t handle that. Ranunculi drink a lot, so refill the vase regularly with clean water. Put the ranunculus in a cool place, so not in direct sunlight or in the draft.

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