Annielo and Rosanna Batello run the flower company Flor Trade in Pompeii together with their family. Three times a week, a truck full of attractive anemones, ranunculi, snapdragons and colorful violets and chrysanthemums drives to Greenflor

From bulb merchant to the flower trade

Annielo’s father was a well-known bulb merchant in Italy. Annielo expanded his grandfathers bulb trade with a flower trade from Europe to America. Annielo grows violets herself: “At the end of August I plant the plants. A big stem pops out and we start the harvest in mid-December. We continuously keep planting some, so that we can cut until mid-April!”



“Violets are large flowers that smell wonderful. At the moment it’s a hype because of the beautifully varied colors, large flowers and the blissful smell. Violets fit perfectly in the field bouquets style!”

The flowers grow in the south of Italy. Due to the volcanic ash of Mount Vesuvius, the soil is extremely fertile, so the flowers grow very well here. Annielo: “In addition, our greenhouse protects the flowers from the weather. The flowers grow in the greenhouse, so that the nightly temperatures don’t get too low. Because of to the humid climate, it is preferable to give the flowers some protection.

Reflection of Greenflor

Marc van Graas, buyer at Greenflor is very happy with Annielo: “We have been working together for fifteen years now, and both benefit from this successful cooperation. Annielo is the reflection of Greenflor to the growers in the area. Every month I visit to discuss how things are going. Together we look at product development, length and packaging. On to many more beautiful years of successful cooperation!”

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