The Wax Amaryllis from Wiljo’s are especially for Greenflor decorated by hand, one by one. This produces the most spectacular creations. The Wax Amaryllis’ are available in all kinds of different colors and fit perfectly with the current season.

with passion

In the heart of the Betuwe, the Netherlands, Wiljo started waxing pears more than 25 years ago. His passion for pears grew into a mega company with a wide range of wax fruit such as wax apples, wax pears, wax malus apples to wax amaryllis’. “Because our company is located in the middle of a big range of fruit trees, we always have access to fresh and good fruit for waxing. Because of this we ended up getting a bigger demand for other products, like the amaryllis.”

Wax Amaryllis

Endless possibilities

When you walk into Wiljo’s establishment, the different colors immediately stand out. “The season of Wax Amaryllis’ runs from September to March. During this period, you often see several popular colors passing by. For example, we work a lot during Christmas with the colors white, red, gold, silver and bronze, real Christmas colors.” Wiljo says they have 70 different colors at the ready. This means they can use those colors right when they need them. “In addition to the different colors, we can also process the products with glitters or provide a grain- or snow effect. The possibilities are endless.”

A good product at the base

Good relationships with suppliers are extremely important. ‘‘Without those relationships, we’re absolutely nowhere. Because they deliver a high-quality product, we have a good fundament to continue working with.” So, it all starts with a strong product. Another aspect on which Wiljo’s Product specializes is their fast delivery. Wiljo explains: “One of our pillars was ‘ordered before noon – delivered next day’. Everything is freshly made and is already with the customer the next day, all done and in pristine condition. We are very proud of this.”

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