1. Pinus strobus Keefer
  2. Troene bes Blauw
  3. Eucalyptus Cinerea
  4. Berkentak
  5. Ruscus fijn italie
  6. Eucalyptus Populus Bes
  7. Eucalyptus Populus Bes
  8. Pistachia Blad
  9. Salix Wilgenkatjes
  10. Olijf Blad
  11. Euca Boule
  12. Pinus Mugo
  13. Mistletoe
  14. Nobilis
  1. Eucalyptus populus met bes
  2. Eucalyptus exotica bes fijn
  3. Rozemarijn
  4. Olijfblad
  5. Acacia Mimosa baleana
  6. Eucalyptus populus herfst

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The greenery experts from Greenflor have travelled all over the world for you, and they have carefully selected the most alluring greenery products. Whether it’s winter, summer or something in between, green is possible in every season. What’s more, our Greenflor webshop is brimming over with olive branches, Strelitzia and magnolia leaves.

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