Unique products
that your customers will love.

Unique products that your customers will love!
Guaranteed fresh flowers and plants
Our growers, logistics and delivery are seamlessly coordinated.

Every season promises the most beautiful, one-of-a-kind products.
We are the specialists in the field of seasonal products and you can see that every season.

The largest assortment in dried flowers
With our own production and drying process, we provide the most beautiful and widest variety of dried flowers.



The stylish hydrangea beautifully complements just about any bouquet. This flower is widely used in the most elegant flower arrangements. Of course, that’s no surprise to us – hydrangeas have always been a showpiece. Each and every room brightens up with their colourful bulbs.

to the max

To give our natural decorations even more colour, we lovingly wrap our products in a fine layer of wax. Of course, some products are so stunning on their own that we don’t want to change a thing. In that case, a transparent wax layer ensures that needles do not fall out, while colours remain picture-perfect. Other decorations are treated with a basic white was, which helps bring colour out the best.

Rose hips

Pick the fruits of love literally! The rose plant just happens to grow a beautiful fruit: the rose hip. After the flowering of the roses, it’s time for this sturdy, robust varietal, which no autumn bouquet should be without.

Late bloomers
in all colours

It’s that time of year for Amaryllis bulbs! Amaryllis is available in white, pink, orange, salmon and red, but also two-toned, striped, glittering and with graded hues. Come on over to see all our varieties!


Red, white, yellow, pink and purple…two-toned or multicoloured…no matter your preference, we have the rose you’re looking for!

Ilex brings you colour in a big, big way

Ilex is available in classic red, of course–but did you know that we also provide it in yellow, orange, green, cream and salmon pink? Go ahead and come see a perfect blend of autumn colours in Ilex!

Ornamental fruits

Our wide range of ornamental fruits of all manner of colour and size are the perfect decoration for creating an autumnal atmosphere!


Eucalyptus is an unmistakable eye-catcher, which also gives off a clean, healthy fragrance. Our fresh eucalyptus from the hills of Italy stays beautiful for weeks and has a bright green colour. Dried, the branches take on a blue hue and make every interior stylish in many ways.