1. Coral Charm
  2. Miss America
  3. Pink HawaiI
  4. Command Performance
  5. Sarah Bernard
  6. Duches Nemour
  7. Mother’s Choice
  8. Chaude Taim
  9. Pecher
  10. Flame
  11. Jules Elie
  12. Red Charm
  13. Bridal Shower
  14. Rhein Hortence
  15. Coral Sunset
  16. Odile
Fresh from the flower grower

Our fresh peonies directly originate from our growers. We do not collaborate with intermediary partners so that we can guarantee the quality of our products. Together with the grower we examine and decide which flowers are ready to be picked.

All colours and shapes

Do you a weak spot for the charms of our peonies? Then it is your lucky day! Greenflor offers more than thirty varieties, in all shapes and colours. For example, with a single row of petals, with half double or double flowers. You can also indulge when it comes to their colour: we have them in soft yellow, romantic white, candy pink or dark red. And their scent is particularly attractive – wonderfully sweet!